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Supervisory/Appellate Practice

  • Appeals.

  • Writ Applications. Over the course of our combined seventeen years as law clerks at the Louisiana Supreme Court, we have reviewed thousands of writ applications. Let us draft your writ to stand out!

  • Oral Argument Preparation. Let us help you tailor your arguments to have the best chance of success in front of the Louisiana Supreme Court!


Trial Level Writing

  • Pleadings and Oppositions to Exceptions.

  • Discovery.

  • Motions for Summary Judgment/Memoranda in Opposition.

  • Pre-Trial Memoranda & Motions in Limine. Let us handle the pre-trial writing while you focus on witness prep.


Trial Preparation

  • Pre-Trial Research. We can dive into your case and send you into trial armed with arguments/research for every sticky evidentiary or legal issue you may face.

Real-Time Trial Assistance

  • Research.

  • Bench Memoranda.

  • Emergency Writ Applications.

Post-Trial Writing

  • Post-Trial Memoranda.

  • Motions for New Trial.

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