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Mary and retired Associate Justice Jeannette Theriot Knoll

One of the things that distinguishes a Louisiana Supreme Court law clerk from any other law clerk in the state is the sheer variety of work that a Justice’s “elbow clerk” must be accustomed to handling on a daily basis.

In any given day at the Court, a Justice’s clerk could start her day working on a writ involving the open and obvious nature of an alleged defect and could end it with an emergency writ application seeking review of an order denying a criminal defendant’s motion to reduce bail. Elbow clerks quickly grow accustomed to pivoting on a dime between vastly different areas of law and to mastering unfamiliar areas in a relatively short period of time.

Mary and Julie have a combined seventeen years of Supreme Court clerking experience under their belts. Between the two of them, they have worked in essentially every area of Louisiana state law.

Collectively, Mary and Julie have clerked for seven different judges over the course of their careers. They have rare insight into how to communicate most effectively with a judicial audience. Judges have real demands on their time. The most persuasive argument is the one that is clearly written, that tackles any problems head on, and that is easy to read.

Along with this clerking background, Mary brings the valuable litigation experience she developed as an Assistant District Attorney, prosecuting everything from traffic tickets to first degree rapes. Since starting her private practice, Mary has further sharpened these skills, pinch-hitting for her lawyer clients in a wide-range of criminal and civil litigation both in federal and in state court.  

Whatever your research and litigation needs, Mary and Julie look forward to helping you to develop and to advance the most effective arguments for you and your clients.

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