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Our firm has two guiding principles: value and efficiency. Daily, small firms are expected to go toe-to-toe with behemoth defense firms who can afford to pay big bucks for top notch talent. We aim to provide clients with even higher quality work for a fraction of the cost.

How do we do this? The firm overhead is de minimis. Each of our attorneys works from home. The money saved from having a brick and mortar is money in our attorney-clients’ pockets. The time we get to spend at home, with our families, is also the largest share of our compensation. Mary started the firm at the beginning of 2020 as a way to continue the career that she loves while still being a hands-on mom to two young children. She is thrilled that the success of the firm has meant that she can provide this same opportunity to other attorney-parents like her.


In our effort to provide value to every client, you can count on us to “play the long game.” We are not at all interested in making a quick buck off of any of our clients. The dollars and cents of the practice of law is always foremost in our minds, even when it's not directly in our interests. Although we are exceptional advocates who can draft a brief arguing a position with which we disagree better than anyone, we will candidly tell our attorney-clients what we think about the merits of a motion or appeal so that they can weigh the costs and benefits before we sink their money into drafting something we think has little chance of success.


When you hire the Law Office of Mary Watson Smith to do your legal writing, you rent-a-senior associate who cares about your bottom line and wants to partner with you in providing the highest quality work at the lowest cost to you and your client.

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